Active Cyber Defense (ACD) – The Evolution of Cybersecurity

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Defense in depth or layered security has been the model for cybersecurity defense for the better part of the modern era, however, today’s advanced threats are slipping through these traditional static defenses. WannaCry and Adylkuzz crippled hundreds of thousands of computers in over 100 countries and new threats continue to emerge.

Active cyber defense (ACD), also known as adaptive security, is a rapidly emerging branch of cyber security that integrates and enhances several cyber intelligence, cyber protection, and cyber analytics technologies to proactively anticipate attacks and predictively combat adversaries and protect data assets.

Chet Hosmer, a leading speaker, author and professor on cybersecurity and digital forensic issues will discuss the benefits of Active cyber defense and why this new approach to incident response, threat intelligence and critical assets will change the way organizations defend their customers, employees, and critical data

Watch our webinar on demand and you will learn:

  1. Why DARPA evolved cyber defense and how ACD was created
  2. How ACD will thwart the most sophisticated attacks
  3. The critical components of ACD
  4. How to implement ACD in your organization

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