Download Checklist: How to Develop an Incident Response Strategy

Developing an Incident Response Strategy

21 items to consider.

If you're here, it means that you’re planning on implementing an incident response (IR) strategy or want to review an existing strategy for your organization. Which important elements need to be considered? Who should be involved in developing the strategy, and how does an Incident Response Team look like?

Truth be told, building an effective incident response strategy is certainly not easy. We’ve developed a 2-page checklist that can help you get started by outlining some of the most commonly-followed best practices that we’ve picked up throughout the years.

Download the checklist to:

  • Get a clear overview of what it takes to develop your IR strategy
  • Understand the key elements of your IR process
  • Make sure you didn't skip any steps in the process
  • Appoint all the roles needed for your incident response team

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