GDPR – Focusing on 4 Key Steps to Compliance

European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is unquestionably the most significant data privacy regulation in history from the perspective of most organizations. GDPR will impose strict requirements on organizations that store or maintain customer records and personal data of EU residents and citizens, including international companies. The deadline of May 2018 is looming large for the over 66% of organizations estimated to not properly have prepared for the majority of the compliance requirements.

Keith Deighton B.Sc., RESILIA, MoP, Managing Consultant at Hitachi Systems Security, will discuss how individual’s rights have been strengthened through the legislation and what protecting those rights mean organizations from an enforcement and penalty perspective. Most importantly Keith will discuss how the GDPR compliance legislation will ultimately impact information security teams and how to prepare for the coming requirements.

Access this webinar as Keith Deighton discusses the key components of GDPR and how to approach the unprecedented compliance requirements:

  • An Overview of GDPR and its Impact on Organizations Globally
  • Key Components and Challenges to GDPR compliance
  • A Best Practice Approach to GDPR Compliance
  • Key Steps to Achieve Compliance by May 25th, 2018

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