How Cyber Resilience is Changing Cyber Security

Cyber Resilience has become a term and a practice that has gained visibility in response to crippling DDoS, Ransomware and Phishing attacks over the past year. A 40% jump in breach disclosures has organizations not only taking defense more seriously, but also facing the realization that incidents and breaches may be inevitable.

Keith Deighton, certified practitioner in RESILIA and managing consultant at Hitachi Systems Security is our featured guest and will discuss how Cyber Resilience is limiting damage and reducing the costs of breaches. New and emerging threats consistently slip through layered or best of breed defenses; organizations are adopting Cyber Resilience to balance preventative, detective and corrective controls.                                                 

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Why Preventing Every Attack is Impossible
  2. Why Incidents and Breaches Stay Undetected
  3. The Critical Steps to Improve Your Cyber Resilience
  4. Adopting Controls and Best Practices in Your Organization
  5. How to Focus on Continuing Service Improvement (CSI)

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