How Your Adversaries Conduct ICS Attacks

Ever since Stuxnet the world has been waiting for the next shoe to drop in the ICS and SCADA world. Irongate had surfaced, 80,000 lost power in the Ukraine due to a spearphishing attack and dozens of new strains of malware have been discovered. However, despite the fear and the countless attacks the enemy has largely missed the target.

Experts fear that 2017 could be the start of a new era of cyber-attacks against control systems as scheming hackers pivot from theft to destruction unless industrial cyber professionals take steps to protect their critical systems. GICSP and CSSA certified industrial security expert Derek Trumble will discuss how organizations can protect their environment, anticipate attacks, and secure vulnerabilities.

Join us for our webinar and you will learn:

  1. The Main Components of a Control System
  2. How Malware Typically Attacks and Disrupts Critical Systems
  3. How Connectivity and Access Advancements Increase Security Gaps
  4. The 3 Steps That Will Improve ICS Security Immediately

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