[Webinar on Demand] IT Pros Security Challenges: What Decision Makers Want to Hear

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Cybersecurity panel: Practical Tips from Executives for IT Pros

Not enough budget, not enough people, too many priorities… When it comes to challenges, IT pros have a lot on their plate. One more challenge is to get executive buy-in to allocate an appropriate budget towards cybersecurity programs that will bring results and deliver return on investment.

Speaking the same language as decision makers is essential. This webinar panel discussion will cover tips from executives to help IT professionals build a solid pitch and address their challenges to the board of directors, executive management, etc. 


In this webinar you will:

  • Find out common mistakes made by IT pros when it comes to building their security strategy
  • Get executive insights on IT pros’ challenges and how to go about them
  • Understand why it is important to align your security strategy with overall business goals
  • Learn actionable tips to get executive buy-in

"An effective cybersecurity strategy starts in the boardroom. Make sure to involve your BOD before implementing your security projects."


Publisher and Editor in Chief, Security Ledger

David Escalante


Chief Security Officer, Boston College


Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Hitachi Systems Security

Bertrand Milot-1BERTRAND MILOT

CISO/VP - Risk, Security & Cyberdefense, Richter