Vulnerability Management – Closing the Door on Attacks

The Equifax breach and WannaCry ransomware attacks have once again thrust Vulnerability Management into the spotlight. It remains one of the most effective proactive security measures an organization can adopt to thwart attacks. Patching critical systems that protect sensitive data only every 60 or 90 days has left thousands of organizations open to attacks. This, despite widely available patches that could have prevented the attack and the subsequent financial fallout from the encryption or exfiltration of data.

However, if vulnerability management practices are not integrated well with other related practices, they will not be effective. For example, many enterprise-level organizations do not have control of their asset inventory, have out of sync scanning and patching or have not integrated formal risk management into remediation decisions.

Andrew Kozloski, Cyber Security Evangelist at Hitachi Systems Security will identify and discuss the key elements that lead to vulnerability management success. As made clear in recent breaches including Equifax, Verizon, and Bell Canada, the task of protecting an organization’s data, customers and employees needs to start with a comprehensive vulnerability management program.

In this presentation you will learn the following:

  1. Best practices concerning vulnerability, asset, change, and risk management
  2. Common challenges that organizations face through implementation
  3. Real World solutions implemented in large, security-focused organizations
  4. How Vulnerability Management should be utilized in Security Program Design

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